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Pulling It Together with Amanda M Savage -


I was a guest on the Pulling it Together podcast with Amanda Savage. It’s a feminist podcast and I believe I might be the first male guest ever on it. 

I felt some insecurity at being the first male guest, because even though I have always identified as a feminist, I certainly have not always acted that way. It’s shameful to realize that about oneself, but it’s also good to realize. Part of the #yesallwomen movement for many guys that I have talked to is coming to terms with the ways in which you were bad and sexist towards women in the past. A lot of times guys were completely unaware that they were doing this. This isn’t excusing the behavior, but it is interesting and important to point out, I think. 

I tried to talk on the podcast about how I have done things I am ashamed of in the past and how one of the most important things men need to overcome and come to terms with is the shame of being a piece of crap in the past so they can be better men and humans in the future. It was a long and interesting conversation, and I feel really lucky to have done it. 

ANONYMOUS #yesallwomen -


The following is a favor for a friend. It’s their contribution to the flood of #yesallwomen stories. They have asked me to post their story anonymously for them for their own reasons, and so I’m doing that for them.

Remember: all these stories are important, and I’m listening.

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Please read this story. Please read EVERYONE’S stories. Two weeks ago I thought that only one of my friends had ever been sexually abused or raped. Today, I know that number is at least 10. I also know that there are more than 10, and they don’t need to tell their stories for me to know that they are out there. And they are my friends, my family.

All of the bad things that happen in this world have happened to the people you know. You just didn’t know it until now. Unless you were the person it happened to, you got to float around, living your life as if these issues were as imaginary as unicorns, or as far away as the moon. Or maybe you thought that if they happened, there would be a national news story. You thought you would know, but the truth is no one ever knew. And now we know. All of the bad things that happen in the world have happened to the people you know, and now that we know, we can start to do something about it.

But what can we do? “I’m just angry.” “I feel hopeless.” The first thing we can do is raise awareness. These stories are being heard by only a few people at this point. We’re lucky to be a part of a community that is vocal and passionate about human rights. But ask your mom, “Have you heard of #YesAllWomen?” Tell her to tell her friends about it. Ask your friends from back home “Have you heard of #YesAllWomen?” Most of mine haven’t. And they need to know too.


Bruce Springsteen with fans in New Jersey photographed by David Gahr, 1973

Everyone in this photo is in heaven.


Bruce Springsteen with fans in New Jersey photographed by David Gahr, 1973

Everyone in this photo is in heaven.

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May 31


#YesAllWomen -


This past week I have been blown away by the strength and courage of my friends who have spoken out with #YesAllWomen. I haven’t felt comfortable writing anything long like this mainly because I felt like it wasn’t my place. If I said anything it would take attention away from the voices that…

This is how you do it.

May 30

I want to delete my last post -


I went to an improv show last night and mostly hung on the back line because it still feels like a bomb went off in my head. I tried to do a scene and then it went analogous to a kid getting molested (it was a fine scene, this wasn’t the issue) but in the scene I felt my face getting hot and I…

I would like to get this right. -


Apologies in advance: I don’t have coherent or particularly useful thoughts about what’s happened over the past few days. When tragedies of this scale happen, I tend to shut down or I get angry or I just gloss over it with the practiced air of an internet figure skater, triple lutzing my way past…

May 28

My really uncomfortable #yesallwomen post -


Here’s a fun one. I have had nonconsensual sex with a guy in the LA improv community! That’s right, one of you! And the weird thing is, I bet he doesn’t even think about it that way. Even though I said “no” and “I don’t want to” and “what are you doing” (and “you have a girlfriend”) dozens and…